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  • Our Past Deals

    Non-stop, Roundtrip from Singapore to Athens, Greece for $400 SGD

    Historical Fare: $700+

  • How It Works

    We search for flights

    Our team of Flight Hackers at Air Classified scour the web for cheap flights - all day, everyday.

    (totally no life)

    Airline Mistakes Occur

    Sometimes, airlines might make mistakes on their air fares, other times they are simply offering a great sale.


    Our Air Classified team finds it and emails you with instructions on how to book.

    You set off on your vacation!

    Go on vacation with the amount of money saved and spend it on yourself!

  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to connect you to your cheapest vacation destinations ever.

    Founder at Air Classified Singapore

    Chief Flight Hacker

    We are travel lovers who enjoy finding the best flight deals out there for our subscribers. We are neither a travel agency nor a search engine – we are an email subscription service that alerts people every time ridiculous flight deals pop up.

  • Happy Subscribers and Success Stories


    Zhen Y.

    Singapore Round Trip to Reykjavik - $663 SGD

    "Finally managed to tick Iceland off my bucket list when I booked flights from Singapore mid-Dec during peak season! Saved me 400 bucks!"

    Patricia k.

    Singapore Round Trip to Auckland, New Zealand - $600 SGD

    "Its great that Air classified focuses only on our region and we actually found tickets from SG to NZ for about $600! It fell in line with our honeymoon! Keep it coming!"

    Elaine N.

    Singapore Round Trip to Darwin, Australia 

    - $311 SGD

    "Got to know about Air Classified through a friend's Instagram and wanted to try their subscriptions. Love the neat email layouts! They are really a passionate group who loves what they do. Ridiculous prices! Will strongly recommend them to friends and relatives!"


    Singapore Round Trip to Perth, Australia - $270 SGD

    "Just upgraded to premium. Absolutely love the service, just booked flights for $270 from SG to Perth on Vesak Day Holiday weekend using the email alert we received.


    A must have for everyone, worth the $24 even if you book one flight since they are great deals!"

  • Answers to Your Questions

    How does Air Classified work?

    Our team of Flight Hackers scour the web on a daily basis (yes, all day every day in fact!) for the best flight deals online. When we come across a flight deal worthy of being sent to our subscribers, we send them straight to your inbox. It’s as easy as that!

    Is Air Classified free to join?

    Yep, it’s free! Simply enter your email address into the bar at the top of the page to receive cheap flight alerts straight to your inbox.


    There is also an option to pay for Premium Subscription for those wanting to get even more deals. Please see below for further details on Premium Subscription.

    Which airports can I expect to receive deals for?

    We send deals from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia for now!

    How many flight alerts can I expect to receive?

    This really depends on how many great deals we come across, as we only like sending the very best. On average however, Premium Subscribers can expect a bare minimum of 2-3 awesome flight alerts per month.


    We only send out exceptionally good deals, rather than to meet a certain quota. Our core focus is always on quality rather than quantity.


    Premium Subscribers receive all the deals, whilst our Free Subscribers receive just 1/3 of the deals.

    Are you going to spam my email?

    We are not subscription services that spam you to buy a flight every time the price drops $20 because they get a commission. We don’t receive any commission, so our only interest is helping people find steals.


    No, we never sell personal information and maintain a strict policy on this.

    Can I unsubscribe at anytime?

    No worries, Free subscribers can unsubscribe by replying "unsubscribe" to any emails sent out to us under the subject title.

    Premium subscribers can unsubscribe by dropping us a message on our instagram with your email contact.

    What is the difference between premium and free?

    With just $2.00 SGD per month, Premium subscribers can expect to receive all the deals, whilst our Free Subscribers receive just around 1/3 of the deals we have.


    Our Premium subscribers are also the first to know - their emails will be released 45 Mins earlier than free subscribers.

    Are these last minute deals?

    We scout around 2-3 months ahead of the calender, so all of us can prepare (and tell your bosses beforehand) for the trip!


    Why am I not receiving any emails?

    Please do check your junk/spam email tab or the promotions tab for gmail users. Sometimes email providers will automatically detect the pricing as spam.


    Once you have subscribed, our first procedure is to send you an email to welcome you :)

  • What our alerts look like

    Here's a sneak preview of what you will be receiving!

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    Free subscribers miss out on over two thirds of the deal we send out.

    Upgrade to Annual Premium for just $2.00 per month and get all the deals!

    1 Month Plan

    SGD $5.00

    ✓ $5.00 SGD for 1 Month
    ✓ All the best deals - For flight savings of up to $300 SGD
    ✓ First to know - 45 Mins earlier than free subscribers
    ✓ No ads
    ✓ Cancel anytime
    X Please note that this plan does not enable any refund


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    Annual Plan - 12 Months (Popular!)

    SGD $24.00

    ✓ $2.00 SGD / month (40% savings vs monthly plan)
    ✓ All the best deals - For flight savings of up to $300 SGD
    ✓ First to know - 45 Mins earlier than free subscribers
    ✓ No ads
    ✓ Cancel anytime
    ✓ 14-day 100% money back refund policy


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